Wednesday, May 09, 2012

What Open Government means to me

"Open Government" is more than just about Transparency, Engagement, and Accountability. It is more than just taking advantage of the tools technology has afforded us. It is more than just one vote every four years.

It is about restoring Trust. The Trust between us and our Government.

The Trust that has been callously squandered through negative election advertising. The Trust that has been malnourished through bureaucratic red tape. The Trust that has withered, atrophied, and slimed into a pool of cynicism, doubt, and scorn.

OpenGov is the opportunity to take an active part into the well-being of our community and our country. It is the creativity that stems from working in a collaborative environment. It is the current that fuels the passion for a stronger fabric of society.

In truth, OpenGov is the result of "Necessity being the Mother of Invention."