Here are a few of the projects I've undertaken for 2013.  I'm trying real hard to get them all done, but man...I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

1) Post one video log each and every day of my 35th Year of Birth.  UPDATE:  This has been changed due to a number of reasons which can all be viewed here The Last One and here Transition

2) Cluetrain Manifesto Videos

3) Spend the Summer on a motorcycle

4) Complete video editing projects

......i) A mashup video I started when I was running as a candidate for the Green Party...although I now consider myself apolitical and a "recovering politician," it was still a pretty good video, I think.  COMPLETED:  March 1, 2013.  Check out this page

......ii) An original video on Open Gov, Open Data, Gov 2.0, and Democracy 2.0 set to the tune of Taking My Time by Boston.  UPDATE:  In progress.  Check out this page

......iii) A documentary-style video on how stupid society is, using psychological studies dating as far back as 50-100 years ago, e.g. Stanley Milgram's Obedience Studies and Solomon Ashe's Conformity Studies.

......iv) A documentary-style video showing how unsophisticated people truly are and how everything in our civilized society represents nature in some way, e.g. White Blood Cells are police, rush hour traffic is no different than ants going to and from their anthill.

......v) Documentary-style video on Public Servants.......ooooh ya, exciting!  ;-)

5) Complete my degree.  I was never good a student and when I passed, it was by the skin of my teeth.  However, I pretty much completed 95% of a 4 year Honours Bachelours PHED program at Laurentian University.  UPDATE:  In progress.  Follow this link for an email thread between LU and Myself as well as a draft for my Internship

6) Do something with Atticus Park

7) Reconnect with my highschool teachers

......Mr. Card was simply said, the best "school setting" teacher I've ever had.  They need to take a drop of his DNA because when human cloning eventually becomes legal (and it will...not that I like this idea), they have to start with him.  UPDATE:  We've reconnected.  Here's a picture of him and I

......Ms. Leverette was my Kinesiology teacher.  She's the teacher who got me interested in the science that drives the human animal.  I remember her because it was in her class I truly made first awesome presentation on sport science that I completely nailed.  It was my first successful foray into public speaking.  UPDATE:  We've exchanged emails, but since she lives a little bit further out of town, we haven't had a chance to meet.  On top of it all, she's been on a giant trip on the other side of the World lol

......Mr. Maguire was my football coach and business teacher.  I remember him for a number of things, but he was the first I can recall who gave me a break.  It happened during my grade 9 year where he made me a starting WR on the team...and lord knows, it wasn't because of my impressive abilities or intimidating size lol.

He also introduced me to this fantastic scientific deconstruction:  If there ever was a Santa, he's dead now and he was proud of the fact that he never makes spelling errors.  UPDATE:  We've reconnected.  Here's a picture of him and I.

......Mr. Hartwell was also my football coach, but was also my Coop Teacher when I interned at a Physical Rehab per his suggestion.  That Coop Rehab placement led me to the Disability management industry where I learned so much about myself and about the crazy world we live in.  He's definitely one of the first dominos that led me to this point in my life.  UPDATE:  He was the hardest to get in touch with, but we've been exchanging emails.  Thing is, without a vehicle it's been hard for me to get around the GTA...but, the motorcycle should help in solving this problem :-)